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Fall out boy members part 2/4

     ↳ Joe Trohman - Guitarist 


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I really love this guy


we are wild

we are like



holy moly he needs to tone down the cute


holy moly he needs to tone down the cute

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is there ever that one celebrity that no matter what mood youre in, if you feel like crap you just see a picture of them and you just smile and think “thank you for existing” because they have made your day brighter even if you don’t really know them 

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online friendships have prepared me for long distance relationships i am ready to date a boy in a touring band please deliver one to me asap

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Fall Out Boy @ 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show x

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one year later this is our love letter back to you, thank you.


'One year later. How do we assess where we are?'


You know you wanna see Pete Wentz slap David in the face with a piece of bread..watch it on TRANSMITTER’s “Mastermind” challenge.

We’re not going anywhere. Not this fucking band, or you guys; and you proved that to us. And at the end of the day we’re all chasing the same thing, we all end up in this same room for a reason. We’re part of something; we’re part of something that’s bigger than any single one of us.”

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